The plan, with your help, is to manage a small green farm growing vegetables, planting fruit trees as well as very sought after exotic plants that the veterans can sell. On the same property there will be a small solar and wind turbine farm built by the same veterans.

The program is designed to get a veteran’s mind in a better place, allowing them to live off the land during the program’s duration. They will be growing vegetables for daily meals and working the land, either producing food for consumption or producing energy on the solar farm, which feeds the grid. We are currently looking to secure a few acres of land for this project. In the meantime, we are growing plants at a different location.

Non-Profit 501c3 — EIN 47-1731868


Veterans will cultivate many types of vegetables, plant fruits trees and grow
plants that can become income for same veterans

An area will be selected for growing vegetables for daily consumption all
organically grown and full of flavor

A great program for some veterans that just need to get away for a few
months and feel productive while cleansing their minds

Join Us To Build This Critical Program! Donate Now!






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